Photography is, besides writing, one of my biggest passions in life. Pictures carry in them the feelings that were present during the act of capturing the environment into the camera. Being a victim of overthinking, photography helps me to ingrain my feeling and thoughts into the pictures. Consequently, I am able to come back to them in calmer times.

As you can see by the majority of the pictures, what I like photographing the most is Classical European architecture and art. Classical European architecture and art are the pinnacle of man-made beauty. Apart from that, I enjoy street photography, even though I have been very hesitant of photographing people so far. I hope this hesitance will disappear in the future.

Throughout my lifetime I will just continue adding pictures to create a large portfolio for people to enjoy freely.

Photography is one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. To be able to capture architecture, art, events, happenings, tragedies and victories makes it even easier for us to not forget the past, to not forget history; to repeat the good and not repeat the bad.

sharing photography is important

I will start posting my pictures on my Instagram page and I would be happy if you would be so kind to follow me there.

Photography of architecture and art also helps me with my writing. Because I have always been a visually motivated person, I get a lot of inspiration and motivation looking at pictures that fit into my aesthetic and ideological compass. Furthermore, I hope this portfolio will help people, who share those character traits with me, get inspired and motivated.

If somebody wants to use one of my pictures for a project, you can gladly send me a message here.

There is nothing more to be said. Enjoy the pictures, and share them with friends if you like them (the photographs, not the friends). Thank you very much.