Personal Support

Sometimes we do not have someone to talk to – feel free to talk to me

The sun is always shining, even if we think we live in full darkness

There are times in life when we cannot talk to anybody we know about stuff we go through. The reasons can differ from problem to problem – the worst feelings being fear and embarrassment.

We build a barrier around ourselves and the outer world and this creates lasting personality flaws.

Even though I believe that most people would understand our struggles and try to help us, it is still difficult to talk to people.

Many times in my personal life, I did not talk to people about things because I thought that if nobody except for me knows, then the reality of those things will just disappear. “It did not happen if nobody knows.”

I realized that this approach was caused by the fear of rejection. If people knew some things that I have done in life they would reject my presence, my friendship, my attention, my love. They would judge me as being something inferior to them; someone who cannot play the role they assigned me to play.

The consequence of this is to never be able to find people who accept us for who we truly are. We will have to keep secrets and pretend to be someone we are not in order to fulfill the needs of the other. That is not a happy way to live life.

In those difficult times of failure and wrong decisions, I wish I had someone to talk to. Even if they could not provide me with any helping words, any solution. Just the fact of telling somebody would have been very helpful merely accepting the fact that this specific experience happened that I am not proud of, that this specific thought occurred in my mind. Letting it live inside of us will make it grow bigger and bigger. Getting it out into the world will make it shrink inside of us, even if we only tell it to a stranger who will understand.

This platform is for you all, who have something to say but have nobody to tell it to. I will answer to each and every one of you with the highest honesty that I can offer. Every one of you will get a personalized answer that will not be published anywhere. Your privacy and trust will be respected.