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It is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression.

Alfred north whitehead

The Cambridge dictionary defines literature as “written artisic works, especially those with a high and lasting artistic value“. I think we would all agree with that definition. Nevertheless, I will try to write articles not only about wisdom from “written artistic world with a high and lasting artistic value.” Oftentimes I read books that do not belong on the “high and lasting artistic value” bookshelf. They are also full of wisdom and it astounds me when I value some books as my favourites but they are not known to the general public. Maybe my tremendous love for books makes me a little biased.

Literature and Philosophy have a very intimate relationship. There is a lot of wisdom in literature that is portrayed in complex and not so complex forms. I want to share this wisdom that I have encountered in the books that I have read so far.

books are not for everyone

I always believed that a person who does not like literature, in any shape or form, is not to be trusted. This feeling has never left me and will probably never do. Of course, lumping together all those people is probably not fair. Maybe some do not have time to read, some do not have the opportunity to get their hands on a work of literature, and some may just not like it. Therefore, this blog may function as help to those people, who can just visit the blog; they will learn some of the wisdom without having to read a whole book.

Essays based on Literature

Additionally, the essays will be mostly based on a quote from a book that I have read. This means that there will probably be more essays on the same book. In other words, there are infinity topics to write about and I will never run out of content.

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Literature is full with stories of brave people. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat