Discipline, Knowledge and Tradition

Three principles that shape the structure of my life

In order to have a successful and content life, in order to be satisfied with your experiences and yourself, general principles to live by are very important. Every morning, we should remind ourselves of these principles and never forget them during the day. Therefore, writing them down somewhere where they can be seen, or writing them on a small sheet of paper and always carrying it with us will help us stay consistent and not lose the path we decided to walk in life. In the introduction I shortly described the principles. In this text I want to share with you the principles in more detail. They are responsible for structuring my life the way it is at the moment. Namely, discipline, knowledge and tradition.


The first principle I want to talk about, which in my opinion is the most important one, is discipline. What makes discipline the most dominant of all principles is that it is the answer to many essential questions for a successful and content life.

  • What do I need, to work out consistently?
  • What do I need, to eat healthy every day?
  • What do I need, to educate myself, read books and learn new skills on a regular basis?
  • What do I need, in order to not fall victim to my bad habits and addictions?

The answer to all those questions is discipline. Discipline is the fundamental principle for a successful and content life. Having the discipline to create good habits and following the routine of those good habits every day is the number one way to live a life that we are satisfied with and to create a Self, our Self, that we can look in the mirror in and be proud of.


Following discipline, in the hierarchy of most important principles, is knowledge. The reason for that is simple. We need knowledge in everything we do if we want to see results. We need knowledge for our degree in University, or in order to be successful in our jobs; theoretical knowledge of working out and dieting in order to lose weight or become more fit in general; social knowledge in everyday interactions with the purpose of avoiding conflict and having successful communication with all the different kinds of personalities we meet everyday. But what is knowledge without practice?

Knowledge plus practical experience

Practical experience is the driving force which gives knowledge its power. Enrolling in a University, studying and then writing the exams successfully is what makes knowledge significant. Therefore, without everyday action, knowledge will fade and be useless. Reading books on working out and dieting will only get us so far. What we need is working out regularly and cooking our own meals. This is how we can implement our knowledge, get to know our body and then adjust our knowledge to the new circumstances.

When you are gaining new knowledge through a book or a course, try to use this knowledge, otherwise you will forget it. Therefore, being certain which knowledge we want to acquire is important. We do not want to waste our times on learning something that we will not even need in the future. Spend the needed amount of time to think about the future utility of the knowledge you are gaining.


At last, I want to talk about tradition. In the introduction I have said that tradition is what gives the first two principles, discipline and knowledge, meaning. The definition of tradition is,

The transmission of costumes or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way

Oxford Languages

Talking about tradition, I also have to mention family. Family is the foundation of a strong and healthy society and culture. Therefore, it is important for the parents to be able to teach their children principles that will guide them in life, that will shape their lives and eventually make them strong, healthy, educated and successful. To live by these principles will shape our inner being but we are not only influencing ourselves. We are influencing and inspiring people around us. We will influence and inspire the future generations, first and foremost our own children and they will influence their children, our grandchildren. By having meaningful, sensible and valuable principles to live by, we will shape the future of our society. Nevertheless, we first have to implement the principles in our own lives.

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