The Ideal Week

Describe your ideal week.

All weeks look different. You cannot have two identical weeks. Unexpected things that disturb your schedules and routines always happen. That is why you need to have a basis of habits that you complete a specific number of times every week.

Basis of Habits

Working Out

Working out is one of the basic habits I want to complete at least five times a day. This is the ideal number, of course, and oftentimes I only finish two or three work outs every day. Setting the bar high, allows me to fall short a couple of times without losing much of my momentum.


The ideal week consists of writing at least one hour every day. The writing does not have to be conclusive. Writing down random thoughts and emotions helps me think of new ideas to write about. Contrary to working out, writing is a habit that I really do for at least one hour every day.

Quality Time

The ideal week has some form of quality time. Quality time helps distract your thoughts from the important things and make you relax. Furthermore, I try to stay in touch with the important people in my life. That means, quality time also consists of calling friends and family to ask them how they are doing.


The ideal week does exist. Can we achieve it every week? Probably not. Nevertheless, the higher we set the bar the more we will achieve.


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