Motivation is Temporary

What motivates you?

Some days, I cannot get myself out of bed to do anything. No matter how hard I try, how important a task is, and how close the deadline is. Sitting around doing nothing only makes me less motivated to be productive.

At one time in my life I realised that I get motivated visually. I need to imagine something that fits into my aesthetic lens and that helps me finish the work that needs to be finished. With the help of technology – laptops, tablets, smartphones – it is easy to find pictures/videos that will get me in the mood to work for exactly those things that I am watching. I watch pictures/videos that show me aspects of a life that I want to live. My mindset adjusts to the feelings that are created by the visual stimulation.

Therefore, it is very important to figure out the senses that motivate you the most. Not everyone gets visually motivated like me. Figuring that out can be life changing.

There will be days when not even the sensual stimulation will help motivate you. On those days you either decide to be unproductive or stand up and do what needs to be done. It is tough, but it is not the end of the world to just be unproductive for one day.

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