One Habit that Brings Me Joy

Describe one habit that brings you joy.

As many people in human history have already said, “it is the little things that bring the biggest amount of joy in life”. For me it is my coffee breaks in the morning and in the afternoon.

I drink two cups of coffee daily. One in the morning, after I have done an hour of studying. The other in the afternoon, after the bigger amount of work. During this coffee break, I sit down on my comfortable armchair and read the bible. The bible has been a constancy in my life for a year now. It is like a harbour that I come back to. No matter what happens in life I can always rely on this one comforting moment on my armchair, the cup of coffee besides me on the table, and the bible in my hand. Finding constant habits like this, gives me long term hope and calmness. I can trust that this moment will last for decades to come. It gives me joy and a sense of belonging.

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