Extremism Creates Extremism

How Extremism creates Extremism in the Example of Andrew Tate

Be brave enough to react to extremism of any sort. Andrew Tate is a good example of that.

Andrew Tate is an important figure in the contemporary cultural sphere. He is the reason for many debates on sexuality, gender, masculinity, and femininity. Some depict his views as extreme. It seems like his opinions do not fit into the modern western Zeitgeist. Many secretly agree with him, though, so that claim is not so certain. Every action has a reaction; every action creates a reaction of a similar amount of force. If Andrew Tate and what he says is extreme, something equally as extreme created him. So who or what propelled Andrew Tate and his movement into the cultural and societal discourse?

contemporary dominant societal movements

In modern times certain societal movements dominate the cultural and societal discourse. LGBT, Feminism, BLM stand in the forefront, claiming to fight systems that marginalised and suppressed certain groups. Eurocentricity, toxic masculinity, the patriarchy are just some of the concepts those groups try to fight and “crush”, as they like to say.

The Legitimacy of those Groups

Just like Andrew Tate, necessity created those nowadays extreme movements. They legitimately fought for their rights in society. Women fought for their rights to work, to vote and to marry whoever they want. Homosexual people fought for their rights to have homosexual relationships and to marry and adopt children. African Americans and all non-majority people around the world are fighting discrimination by police forces and in the workplace. The problems those and many more groups face are extreme and numerous. This blog post cannot fully cover them. Their actions, though, were legitimate and the support they have gotten is understandable.

Their Move to Extremism

Nevertheless, those groups developed theories that are far from the norm. Especially Feminism and the LGBT movement have turned into something that I call “industry of social engineering”. Left leaning ideologues created the majority of todays sociological gender and sex theories. Many of them are actively part of the feminist or LGBT movement. Those ideologues who are not part of those movements still walk around the same ideological sphere, the left wing sphere. In conclusion, those ideologues come from the same ideological source and they would call each other allies in their fight to change society to their visions.

Examples of Extremism

Those movements want to create a world in which a woman can become a man, a man can become a woman, men and women are the same and are biologically capable of doing everything with the same precision and outcome. Additionally, those movements want males with a feminine gender expression (falsely called transgender women) to compete in female sports, even though they are dominating women and breaking one record after the other. Those movements want to “crush the patriarchy”, give children lessons on queerness, transgenderism and homosexuality, with the motto, “you can be who you want to be”. They also want to teach young boys how to be men, because their fathers are not capable of doing that anymore. Furthermore, they want to sexualise children and give them permission to mutilate their bodies as young as possible if they have gender dysphoria.

Another example is the suggestion to not use the term “mother” or “pregnant woman” anymore. The reason, as they claim, is that men can also get pregnant and birth a baby. Terms like “birthing people” or “pregnant people” should be used instead. (I will not state a personal comment on that because it might get too insulting.)

Furthermore, some statements that people of those movements utter, encourage people like Andrew Tate to speak up. Some of those statements are, “the future is female”, “the future is feminist”, “the future is queer”, “smash the patriarchy”, and “we do not need men anymore, with the help of science we can give birth without men”. It does not sound like equality, it sounds more like a revolution to gain power and influence.

Fear of Being Cancelled

Rejection of those theories unveils the true extreme emotional nature of those movements. The rejection is immediately dismissed and leads to the cancelation of this person’s relevance. Of course people, especially in the liberal west, are afraid to speak their minds because they are facing aggressive backlash. This is also shown in universities where the majority of professors belong to the same left wing ideological sphere. They spread the word as apostles of those ideologies. Professors who might not agree with the theories, are afraid to speak up because they would lose their jobs. It almost seems like you cannot become a professor in the humanities or sociology anymore, if you do not fall for the propaganda and become an ally to their extremism.

the birth of andrew tate

Those extreme theories and statements birthed a man named Andrew Tate. Of course, he is not the first and only person to oppose the feminist and LGBT ideologies, but he is the best known in our time. Many label Tate’s views as outdated, misogynistic, and patriarchal. But are they really? Is everything that goes against the feminist and LGBT textbook outdated, misogynistic, and patriarchal? I do not think so, but that is a question that I will try to answer in a later blog post.

People who are shocked by Andrew Tate’s statements need to understand that he is just a reaction to the crazy sociological theories that those movements create. But because they come from the same ideological sphere, they do not say anything against those crazy theories. They know how this small minority will react and they are afraid of being cancelled and criticised as homophobic, transphobic, or sexist themselves. Nevertheless, if they do not want an extreme reaction from the opposite side of the political and ideological spectrum, they need to figure out a way to put the extreme voices in their own movements in their place.

Feelings over Facts

We are living in a time when feelings are more important than facts and evidence. Left wing ideologues regard rational and evidence based scientific procedures and common sense as concepts of a heterogeneous patriarchal system of white supremacy. Western universities push this assumption and teach it in the humanities and sociology. This leads to the de-rationalisation of thinking. Furthermore, this has led to the degeneration of culture, society and the arts. Is it a surprise then, that more and more Andrew Tates appear in the cultural discourse to fight this storm of degeneration taking place and being promoted in the west?

The liberal left is hypocritical. They never criticise their own statements of being too extreme. Representatives of the feminist movement never criticise the misandry present in their ranks. Representatives of the LGBT movement never criticise the irrational gender and sex theories created by their ideologues. Whenever somebody says something they do not like, though, they immediately defame them. They claim that this person is responsible for authorising and instigating violence against marginalised groups. Representatives of those extreme left wing movements claim moral authority in everything related to sociological theories of sex and gender. This is a big mistake and will lead to more extreme and widespread reactions than that of Andrew Tate and his supporters.

Increase of Extremism

Unfortunately, the future of this cultural war does not look good. The foreseeable rise of extremism will not stop, if the liberal irrational agenda keeps promoting those groups as prophets of a New World Order. A New World Order that is supposedly more peaceful and less autocratic. It is not. It only creates more chaos and at the end of the day, more violence. The majority of people do not agree with the left wing agenda and their sociological theories. Nevertheless, they are still pushed by the liberal intellectual regime. It seems to be very fashionable and profitable. Divide and conquer.


Extremism creates extremism. This is the only conclusion that we can all agree on. The extremism of one political and ideological sphere will create extremism on the opposing political and ideological sphere. Reading through the comments on the social medias, there is expanding support on the side of Andrew Tate. The general public sees the irrationality in the claims of extreme groups like modern feminism and the LGBT movement. As long as those movements claim moral authority over everyone else, extremism will rise and end violently. Critical and rational thinking can help avoid the rise of extremism. Feelings should not be more important than facts. Finding the right solution to all problems without trying to change the societal structures that are based on objective reality and truth. The use of empirical evidence and rationality will recapture the trust of the general public.

Left wing ideological bias dominates universities and scientific institutions. This needs to change. The promotion of productive discussion without the fear of peer pressure or mob violence is a big step forward. Professors need to work as role models, but nowadays they unfortunately work as instigators of peer pressure and mob violence.

The emerging popularity of Andrew Tate and his ideas and statements is just a sign of everything that went wrong in the cultural and societal development of the last ten years. Every extreme movement will naturally be corrected by an extreme countermovement.

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