Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Fortune Favors the Brave

Fortune favors the brave. This is a useful motto to live life by. As we go through life in our day to day routines, we face adversities, difficulties, and obstacles. In those situations the real content of our character is shown. In those situations we make the most important decision. Keep going or lose our focus. Keep going or be afraid and lose our bravery. When we lose our bravery we tend to give up. Giving up means that we are not rising to our potential and that is when Fortuna, the goddess of fortune and luck, looks at us with disgust and turns her back, leaving us fighting the battle alone. I do not think that is our desire. Our desire is to have Fortuna on our side, helping us fight our battles without fighting them for us.

Starting this blog is one of the results of living by the maxim “fortune favors the brave”. I love writing, I love philosophy and literature and I am creative. All of those things are coming together in this project. My blogposts will be mostly influenced and inspired by books that I read and quotes that I live by. Inspiring even only one person on this planet with my texts will be enough for me. Therefore, I do not start this with many expectations. I just want to create something that will stay with me until the end of my life. That is the only goal I have while creating this blog.

This introduction is an appeal to the reader to be brave. Listen to your passions and follow them, even if it means giving up something that you do not feel passionate about anymore. Nevertheless, calculate your next steps wisely. Unwise and excessive bravery can have destructive consequences. Combine bravery with intelligence, with thoughtfulness. This will lead you to success and contentment in life. And you will always have good company… the goddess of fortune and luck, Fortuna, will travel with you.

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat


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