Personal Writing Blog Introduction

Anastasios Kalaitzis

My Personal Writing Blog

About me

My biggest passions in life are literature, culture, and philosophy. This is what my personal writing blog will be about.

I love spending my time reading books and articles on culture, tradition, life, philosophy and religion. As you may have noticed from the pictures that I am using, I am a big admirer of classical antiquity and therefore art. The pictures that I will be using are my personal photographs.

This personal writing blog will mostly be about philosophy. Many times, I will be using interesting quotes from literary works and analyze them. Furthermore, I will not hold back writing about cultural and societal topics, especially when they are of contemporary importance.

Enjoy the journey.

Venus de Milo. Ancient Greek Sculpture

Personal Life Principles


Discipline is the number one principle I live by, even though there are times when I am not totally consistent with it. Having discipline on the long run is a catalyst for success and contentment in life. Discipline means following our daily routines, our weekly plan. Our goals will be met and we will feel a satisfaction with the life we are living. That is the goal. My goal from now on will be to be consistent writing for my personal writing blog.


Knowledge is the next most important principle I live by. We all know the saying, “Knowledge equals power”. The truth is that knowledge on its own does not do that. It is applied knowledge which gives us power. Implementing practical experience into knowledge is essential. Therefore, it is important to acquire theoretical knowledge; it is the first step. Then, apply this knowledge in the specific fields in your life and see magic being created.


Tradition is the principle which gives the other two principles, discipline and knowledge, meaning. Without tradition, a higher cultural order, there would be no need for discipline and knowledge. Always ask yourself, “What am I doing this for? Will it get lost after my death, or will it live on?”… even if it is just your children that will benefit from your work and creation. Will you leave a legacy in your close surroundings or even better… over and above that.

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